Plan your Monday at the Summit

8:00 am

  • Attendee Registration Desk Opens

10:00 am

  • Small Newspaper Roundtable: Tips to Help Smaller Newspapers Thrive (Empire AB)
  • Results from Student Hackathon (Crystal A)


  • Keynote Luncheon: Success Stories- Several Ideas That Work (Chocolate Ballroom - Trinidad Room)

1:30 pm

  • Successfully Navigating the Evolving Newspaper Landscape (Empire AB)
  • The Hiring Challenge: Finding the Best and Most Diverse Workers (Empire CD)

2:00 pm

  • Vendor Solution Center Opens (Chocolate Ballroom - Aztec / Nigerian Rooms)
  • Refreshment Break (Exhibit Floor)

2:30 pm

  • Keeping Your Newspaper Safe in Today's Polarized Climate (Chocolate Ballroom - Trinidad Room)

3:30 pm

  • Bundled Pricing, Technology and News Ideas for Subscription Growth (Chocolate Ballroom - Trinidad Room)

4:15 pm

  • Executive Leadership Roudtable (Empire AB)

5:00 pm

  • Welcome Reception in the Solutions Center (Chocolate Ballroom - Aztec / Nigerian Rooms)

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