shark Tank Graphic (Final)

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What does it take to turn an idea into a business? Find out by taking part in the America East Shark Tank. We’ll help you shape and refine your idea for a new business, product or service, then let you pitch it to a group of experienced entrepreneurs and business people—all in a single day.

We’ll coach you on how to create your elevator pitch; how to test your idea using business tools popular with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists; help you create a short presentation and P&L statement; and then throw you into the shark tank to have your idea evaluated by our expert panel. You may not come up with the next Facebook—but you’ll learn how to shape and evaluate a business idea and what characteristics investors and executives look for in new ideas.

Interested? Participation is limited to a handful of individuals or groups.
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If you’re accepted into the America East Shark Tank, we’ll send you some reading material and tips on how to begin developing your idea before our intensive one-day session.

You’ll learn a lot about being an entrepreneur—and you’ll have fun doing it!