Workshop I: Building a More Productive Sales Operation

Mar 12, 2018, 8:00 AM
9:30 AM
($99 registration fee applies to workshop; register for both & save!)

In this practical, “street‐level” session, LMA Chief Innovation Officer Jed Williams identifies the top objections that occur during the sales process, and then provides real strategies and tactics for overcoming these. Move prospects from cautious to “sold – won” by applying approaches that uncover and address their biggest challenges. Sponsored by LMA.

Allocating advertising dollars is an overwhelming and frustrating responsibility for many SMBs. They are approached by many media representatives each week, and often don’t understand the benefits and costs of each option. As a result, they often object to investing in advertising citing one of four reasons – no time (busy running a business), no dollars (no budget, no previous ROI), no need (have enough customers), and no trust (in the media/sales rep). These five approaches can help newspaper reps handle these objections.

  • Anticipate the objections, and begin to address them early in the conversation
  • Listen – show genuine interest and ask second-level questions to uncover challenges and opportunities
  • Acknowledge and restate the objection – address it head-on,  and don’t avoid it
  • Propose alternative ideas and solutions
  • Avoid confrontation or defensive posturing
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