Theater Session: Technology Trends to Watch

Apr 10, 2017, 3:30 PM
4:30 PM
The world is changing so quickly around us that it seems hard to keep up at times. But some people make it their business to watch and identify trends far down the road that might impact media and business. Enjoy a wide-ranging discussion of such new technologies as chatbots, voice-controlled devices, virtual reality, wearables, autonomous cars, and many other cutting-edge technologies that will be changing our businesses before we know it.

​2017 Session Recap:

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- We are living in a world with unprecedented connection between people, brands/companies and information.

o   This has been ushered in by the power of our mobile devices and ubiquity of data connections
o   New energy sources will allow for longer, better battery life in our more powerful mobile devices.

- Every day, more things are being connected (Internet of Things), from wearables (ex. Fitbit) to voice-activated search (ex. Echo) to our thermostat (ex. Nest).

- Continued connectivity has unleashed a flood of data.  This data is creating better understanding of consumer behavior and leading to development of better consumer solutions.

- To handle this data, the industry has come to rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to parse the flood and create these opportunities.

- Retail continues to be disrupted, with traditional retailing being replaced with on-demand shopping, where brands become direct retailers.

- As more transactions move digitally, (ex. Apple Pay), your body (biometrics) will become your password.

-  Autonomous vehicles (drones) will help facilitate this direct purchase culture, but also create more free time for the consumer.  How will media serve this audience that used to be behind the wheel?


o   Challenges to privacy
o   Impact on the job market
o   Threat of cyber-attacks
o   Changes in society and resulting issues