Keynote Luncheon with Margaret Sullivan

Apr 10, 2017, 11:30 AM
1:00 PM
Margaret Sullivan, one of the leading thinkers and writers about the craft and business of journalism, will deliver the keynote address at a critical time for the media. In today’s rapidly-changing political, economic and news media environment, the U.S. media is grappling with titanic change on a scale never seen before. Sullivan is uniquely suited to address these issues. As public editor of The New York Times, she provided some of the most thoughtful analyses of the state of journalism. As editor of The Buffalo News, she had firsthand experience managing through the industry’s changes. And now, as a media columnist for The Washington Post, she provides regular commentary and insight on what’s happening in journalism and media. Sullivan’s talk at America East will address many of the enormous issues and challenges facing those attending the conference.
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    Margaret  Sullivan 

    Media Columnist, The Washington Post
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