Exhibit Hall Theater Session: The State of Legal & Public Notices in Newspapers Today

Mar 12, 2018, 4:00 PM
4:25 PM

Transparensee, a provider of leading search technology for the newspaper industry, will be reviewing their Public Notice/Legal Notice platform. There will be a discussion around the importance of keeping legals in newspapers and how to make the notices that are running in their newspaper more relevant, searchable and user friendly. Please join us for this very timely discussion.

Key Highlights

  • Public Notices remain an important part of the newspaper industry
  • Municipalities can’t replicate the reach and visibility of newspapers, but current digital providers in the public notice field are slow, not mobile friendly and offer a poor user experience.
  • With Transparensee’s (https://www.transparensee.com/) model, newspapers will create a barrier to entry for municipalities by providing the following:

State of Legals
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