Digital Opportunities Workshop

Apr 10, 2017, 8:00 AM
11:15 AM
($169 registration fee applies to workshop; $99 for individual sessions)

Session I: Disruptive Bets in Local Media
Native advertising, digital agency, live events, OTT video, audience development programs – these are just a handful of the opportunities available to local media to grow top-line revenues. However, beware of the shiny new object! This session will analyze key industry growth trends and identify the top bets that local media companies are making to seize these new opportunities. 

Session II: Smarter Selling for Digital Success
In a digital world, the days of order taking are long gone, and dialing for dollars is too inefficient. Advertisers have diverse and fragmented needs. Rather than simply running campaigns, they require solutions-based programs that solve specific business problems. This session will discuss new opportunities in local sales: how sales teams can utilize local business data to tailor programs to customers' specific needs, how intent can be captured when businesses are ready to engage, and how sellers can finally deliver on the “right product, right price, right time” model for each unique business.