Breakout Session II: The Changing Retail Landscape: What it Means to Newspapers

Mar 13, 2018, 8:15 AM
9:00 AM
The retail industry, the backbone of newspaper display advertising for more than a century, is in upheaval: major retailers and chains are closing hundreds of stores, small local retailers are struggling, advertising inserts are vanishing, and Amazon is driving more and more shoppers online and upending the grocery business by buying Whole Foods. Retail and newspaper experts make up this panel that will assess the fast-changing retail landscape and what it means to newspapers.

Key Higlights

Retail is a cycle – we are currently at the end of a slow-motion slump and a rapidly increasing Internet presence. There is a misunderstanding of long-term/short-term trends that seem to repeat themselves in history – this has happened before, the difference may lie in the coverage and availability of information in the newly digital age.

  • More coverage about closings, bankruptcies, etc. but there is good happening in retail
    • Startups – good ideas/solutions being applied to everyday problems
    • Malls are reconfiguring, innovating to create experiences
    • There are more stories to tell than just the negative – companies are doing new, exciting things and want to share with reporters
  • In your sales department, arm staff with DATA, tools to target to make the sale
  • Online sales aren’t profitable to companies because of shipping costs – buy online, pay/pick-up in-store
  • Amazon only accounts for about 1% of grocery sales, yet people made a huge deal of the Whole Foods acquisition
  • The largest Internet retail category is apparel
  • E-commerce strategy is essential
  • Catalogs – less paper flyers means less branding, paper catalogs still matter and are essential in reaching prospective and loyal customers
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