Breakout Session I: Small but Mighty: Community Newspapers Doing Things Right

Apr 10, 2017, 2:10 PM
3:15 PM
A panel of community news publishers talks about what makes them successful and how they’re changing (or not changing) their businesses to best serve audiences and advertisers. Do smaller papers need to be as digitally savvy as their metro cousins? Or does print still rule small towns?

2017 Session Recap
A group of community publishers shared some tips that have been successful for their organizations, and may be for yours as well.
     - Focused reporting - divide newsroom in two so half can focus on print reporting, and the other half on digital reporting.
     - Compelling coverage – keep content focused on key competencies that your newspaper does better than the competition.
     - Reporters must get out of the office – provide them with the tools to be successful, including mobile phones, iPads, hotspots, etc.
     - Hire good people – rather than advertise for a particular position, find a good person and find them into your organization.
Ideas to implement at your newspaper:
     - Aurasma app – use augmented reality (AR) to turn print product into interactive digital property.
     - Wednesday Wags – feature a one-minute video of an animal from a local shelter on your website.
     - Host an editorial meeting at local coffee shop, and invite readers to participate.
     - Post an engaging single scroll story to increase length of time on website .
     - Publish a church directory.
     - Sponsor a benefit concert.
     - Celebrate your Thanksgiving Day paper by offering curb service for sales, and partner with a radio station for more exposure.

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