Breakout Session II: News on the Go: Developments in Mobile

Apr 11, 2017, 9:00 AM
10:00 AM
More than half of the traffic to most news sites now comes from mobile devices, an explosive development that has upended most news organizations' content and revenue strategies over the past couple of years. Doing mobile well is not as simple as pasting a website onto a smartphone screen or simply licensing an app template from a vendor. Dive deeply into successful mobile strategies and learn about the trends shaping mobile news in this session with leaders in the field.
2017 Session Recap

Panelists shared ideas for ways to increase user engagement.

    - Implement streamlined design  
    - Design and development must work closely together for overall success.
    - Many people only read headlines.
    - Avoid sections and section fronts.
    - All news should be visible, at a glance, on one screen.
    - Utilize an ad sales app
    - Maximize time sales reps spend in the field by organizing ads in one place accessible through an iPad and app. 
    - Reps and customers can easily view, update, and rerun searchable ad creative.
    - Reduce paperwork.
    - Focus on native advertising
    - Infeed native ads are very influential – they are read, just not seen.
    - Native outstream video, with auto play functionality, is the most impactful form of mobile advertising.

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  • Brian-Handly-web

    Brian  Handly 

    CEO & Co-Founder, Reveal Mobile
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  • Tim-Buss-web

    Tim  Buss 

    Director, Creative, Product & UX, Calkins
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  • Yancey-Douris-web

    Yancey  Douris 

    Business Intelligence Director, Calkins
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    James  Kober 

    Dynamic Strategic Planning and Advertising Operations
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  • M-Tierney

    Madeleine  Tierney 

    Project Manager, Calkins Digital
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  • Steve-Florio

    Steve  Florio 

    Director of Strategic Partner Development, Sharethrough
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