Breakout Session II: New Models for News

Apr 11, 2017, 1:30 PM
2:30 PM
Upstart competitors are attempting to redefine news and advertising and establish beachheads among traditional audiences and newer audiences such as millennials and urban professionals. Hear firsthand case studies from the leaders of innovative sites like Billy Penn and ArlingtonNow about how they’re trying to establish themselves as important players in news and advertising by pursuing new models for coverage and revenue.
2017 Session Recap: 

- New online-only start-ups are blossoming in communities around the U.S.

- Why start?
o   Traditional news media has left gaps in local content.  These gaps have created a space for alternative news media outlets to grow and thrive.
o   Traditional news media has traditionally focused on the negative content in the community (crime, legal, etc.), leaving room for alternative coverage in the community.
o   As staff has been cut at traditional media, leadership roles have been left vacant in the community and can be filled by new entrants.

- There is a lot of room for start-ups in the field, but they need to have a business model that will work to succeed.
o   Foundation / grant funding can cover some costs, but it is not assured.  Just because they support you today, does not mean they will support you tomorrow.
o   As start-ups connect with the community, they can seek non-banner monetization (e.g. events).
o   Membership Model:  Offering exclusive ways for members / readers to engage with the organization (reporter access, social events, story suggestions, etc.) in exchange for a membership fee.

- Unique model from Richland Source (Ohio): Offer Pillar Membership where members can “donate” advertising to the charity of their choice.