Breakout Session II: In Search of New Revenue Streams

Apr 11, 2017, 11:45 AM
12:30 PM
Hear from industry leaders about how traditional publishers are finding new streams of revenue from new (and old) sources like events, contests, co-op advertising and more.

2017 Session Recap

To increase profitability, newspapers are continuously looking for new sources of income.  Here are some examples of successful initiatives that may be replicable in your market.
          - SWC Properties - a successful real estate company focused on providing exceptional marketing and promotion to its clients through Internet, television, social media, and print. An accompanying website,, provides a virtual tour of every home.
          - Speaker Series Events – several advertiser-sponsored forums are held each year focusing on various community initiatives and topics.
          - Milestone celebrations – host an event, or dedicate a special section, to commemorate a special anniversary for a local business, college, sports team, etc.
          - Event sponsorships – develop packages that allow local advertisers to sponsor a portion of a special event such as the down payment on a car at a local auto show, or display content at a home and garden show.
          - Ballots – an interactive way for readers and site visitors to vote for “Best of” events, and other popular contests including, best celebrity mom, top golf courses, best 80s bands, high school football MVP, best car model, and favorite upcoming concert.
          - LSA Co-op Online - manufacturers in virtually every field offer co-op advertising programs to finance their customers' advertising campaigns on the state and/or local level. LSA Co-Op Online features co-op program info from over 2,000 brands.