Breakout Session II: Delivering on Data

Apr 12, 2017, 10:30 AM
11:30 AM
Is your news organization taking advantage of one of your most valuable assets? Diving into data can translate into audience development and revenue growth opportunities. This session will focus on ways to do just that.
  • Bill-Dietz

    Bill  Dietz 

    Sales Development Manager, Times Publishing Co.
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  • Nikesh-Desai

    Nikesh  Desai 

    Co-founder/CEO, InvestingChannel
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  • Forsgren-head-shot

    Rich  Forsgren 

    Director, Audience Strategy & Technology, Times Publishing Co.
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  • Wendy-Reeves

    Wendy  Reeves 

    Manager, LEAP Client Coalition
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  • Amber-Raver

    Amber  Raver 

    Digital Marketing Account Manager, Steinman Communications
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  • Alex-Henry

    Alex  Henry 

    Audience Development Specialist, LNP Media Group
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