Breakout Session II: Bringing News and Information to Life: Best Practices in Video

Apr 11, 2017, 2:40 PM
3:30 PM
Video has become a major growth area in the news business, even (and especially) in organizations that have traditionally been print-focused. But success in video is much more than grabbing a camera and some editing software. Learn from some of the best video news and information practitioners how to conceive, produce and market successful video, from live feeds to regular programming. Also, learn best practices for monetizing it and keeping audiences coming back.
2017 Session Recap: 

- Most important takeaway:  Get started now!
o   Time spent has shifted heavily in favor of mobile video and OTT video activity.
o   Video offers additional elements outside of straight monetization.  Offering exclusive, local content can be used to fuel the main product.  For example, capturing local sporting events and streaming them live with access only being offered to current subscribers. 

- Monetization
o   Utilize video to drive engagement with the core print product.  This increases circulation and can drive advertising sales.
o   With lower per video views, look to the sponsorship model.  Allow companies to align themselves with the content you are covering.
o   Move to OTT Linear content (a cohesive channel of evergreen and updated content that is always live) and become a locally-focused micro TV station.
o   Utilizes current content.
o   Sold on the more profitable per spot basis, instead of the traditional CPM model.

- Why Linear?
o   Provides a gateway to cable TV (both additional reach and possible revenue with resold content)
o   Easier sell for legacy reps.
o   Preserves the current, profitable TV pricing model.

- Downsides of Linear
o   It requires planning.
o   Bandwidth is a hard cost that may not be covered at start-up.

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