Breakout Session II: AI, Bots and Automation

Mar 14, 2018, 9:15 AM
10:00 AM
Artificial intelligence and bots are transforming many businesses, including newspapers. In this cutting-edge session, learn how AI is changing customer service, how bots are writing news stories, how curation and aggregation are being automated and how bots can be used to sift through news feeds and create entirely new products.

Key Highlights

Angelo DeFilippis, Pando Logic

  • By 2025 over 50% of all recruitment advertising will be based on programmatic campaigns using big data
  • Using data to predict and prioritize
    • Use to data to limit the spend in less effective areas
    • Be aware of areas of diminishing returns

Barry Bedlan, AP

  • Started using AI to automate the writing of earnings reports
    • 90 seconds to produce
    • Higher Accuracy rate then human reporters
    • Over 4,000 reports per quarter
  • Automation will only take you as far as the data is available, the human element fills in those gaps
  • The AP has started using AI to automate minor league sports reporting
  • Any application of AI in reporting requires a good and consistent data source
    • Automation will only report what is in the data
    • Reporters need to write something that only someone sitting in their seat with their access can provide (a reporter needs to consider the value they can add)
  • AP data / algorithm partner -
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  • Tom-Davidson

    Tom  Davidson 

    Digital Media Principal, Davidson & Associates
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  • Angelo DeFilippis

    Angelo  DeFilippis 

    VP of Media Operations, RealMatch
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  • Barry Bedlan

    Barry  Bedlan 

    Sports Products Director, The Associated Press
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