Breakout Session II: A View From the Future: How Journalism Students See the Industry Evolving

Mar 12, 2018, 2:15 PM
3:00 PM
After a day-long hackathon, student groups from several colleges will present their findings from projects considering the future of journalism and the journalism business. You won’t want to miss out on this session!

Key Higlights

Students participated in a hackathon where they were given challenges to create business models with strategies that reach new audiences and revenue sources. The students were from Temple University, Penn State University, Morgan State University and West Virginia University and presented their business in Monday’s View from the Future session. The challenge scenarios focused on the Boulder, Co and Kansas City markets and were based off of real challenges.

Team Solutions included the following:

  • Kicking Culture – focus on soccer
    • Unsung heroes of culture
    • video stories
    • podcasts
    • social media promotion/advertising
    • merchandise and sponsorships
    • Free, then paid subscription
  • KC Crave – focus on local eating spots
    • Restaurant sponsorships
    • immersive videos (weblog-type format)
    • partnership with local blogger
    • focus on atmosphere of restaurant, rate based on a star system
    • KC Crave Smorgasbord – branding event
    • food crawl
    • offer coupons
    • promote on social media, print (with coupons)
    • You can become a member and receive perks for events, special coupons, etc.
    • Way to engage with community, build up trust.
  • Mentorship Program – tap into adventure media, Boulder, CO-based
    • Use unpaid interns from local college(s) to mentor younger students
    • allows college students to build leadership skills
    • teach high school students to spot fake news, the importance of fact-checking, journalism and media skills
    • Boulder Youth High School Journalism Competition – event/recognition program
    • Promote on social media, sponsored ads
  • Reimagining Boulder – newsletter to supplement “newspaper habit”
    • School newspaper - partnership with local newspaper and inserted 2x/week so that audience is broadened
    • Retaining young readers with coverage of relevant news, while engaging local older audience and informing of student activity
    • Can offer for-credit opportunities for student newspaper staff
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  • Burt Herman

    Burt  Herman 

    Director, Innovation Projects, Lenfest Institute for Journalism
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