Breakout Session I: Recruiting for a Changing Industry

Apr 11, 2017, 2:40 PM
3:30 PM
News companies have undergone a lot of change in recent years, but the wild ride is hardly over. The rise of mobile distribution and video, the advent of Big Data and chatbots, and the need for constant technological change and adaptation continue to impact news organizations. This panel will explore the factors that are changing news companies, look at the new skills needed to keep up with change, and provide case studies in how successful news organizations are managing change. The skills most needed, such as software development, social media, metrics analysis, and video production, are often the hardest to find because of the competitive landscape beyond the newspaper industry. 
2017 Session Recap

Successful news media organizations are recruiting talent with a combination of traditional and new skills, Internet knowledge, and fresh ideas, who are also adept at creating original content.  However, this is often easier said than done.  Here are some tips to consider.
          - News media organizations are competing for talent with young start-ups who offer a different experience, and know how to market to, and attract, millennials.
          - Diversity of cultural backgrounds and age is key so your news media organization looks and sounds like the community it’s serving.
          - Ask potential employees what they can bring to the table, how they express their individuality, and what they can surprise you with.
          - Provide mentors for both new staff, and veteran staff.
          - Invest in training on new platforms to reduce staff turnover.
          - Editorial and advertising must have mutual understanding and respect.