Breakout Session I: Leveraging the Legacy

Apr 11, 2017, 9:00 AM
10:00 AM
Amid the digital revolution, print remains a mainstay of newspaper organizations, and their longtime brand names still hold sway in their community. How can an organization leverage and build on this legacy of brand and community penetration? This is about looking forward, not looking back - using the existing audience and advertiser reach to build new products, reach new audiences, and find new advertisers.
Session Recap:

-          Highlight what makes your community unique, special, stand out.
-          Pay attention to reader engagement on social media.
-          Podcasts are the future; can produce revenue for orgs (sponsored content), require little editing and reach a new audience.
-          Make sure you are reaching your legacy audience (newspaper, TV, radio), but also expand your efforts to digital to reach a broader audience.
-          Newsletters can assist in growing new audiences and expanding into mobile network.
-          Direct mail and community events can reach your audience in a different, tangible way.

  • Lisa-Hurm

    Lisa  Hurm 

    General Manager, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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  • Dennis_Anderson_2017_003

    Dennis  Anderson 

    Executive Editor, Journal Star
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  • Samantha-Ragland

    Samantha  Ragland 

    Manager of Digital Entertainment Strategy, The Palm Beach Post
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  • Morgan  Whiteley

    Morgan  Whiteley 

    Marketing & Event Planning Manager, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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