Breakout Session I: Innovation at The Washington Post

Apr 11, 2017, 3:30 PM
4:30 PM

Under Jeff Bezos' ownership, The Washington Post has become the industry leader in aggressive innovation. It helps to have the Amazon founder's deep pockets, but much of what the Post is doing is common sense and cutting-edge best practices. Managing Editor Emilio Garcia-Ruiz provides a deep dive into how The Post is pursuing new forms of storytelling and content and how it pursues, grows, retains and measures audiences.

2017 Session Recap

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The Washington Post has become an industry leader in aggressive innovation. Here is a snapshot of the roadmap to their success. 
          - Business model is to combine journalism excellence with engineering excellence so news consumption, through the preferred platform – web, print, or apps, is equally enjoyable
          - With all of the options available for accessing digital news, branding as the key local or regional provider was difficult.
          - Focus was shifted to acquiring “scale” – instead of making a larger amount of money per reader from a smaller audience, the goal was to make a smaller amount of money per reader from a larger audience – ultimately resulting in a dramatic increase in number of unique visitors and time spent on the site.
          - Staffing was increased to support the initiative of acquiring more readers – some from digital outlets who brought their audience along with them.
          - The look of the content is modified by platform – Facebook, Apple News, Snapchat, etc.
          - Currently, 75 percent of readers come in through mobile devices, and 25 percent from desktop.
          - The Washington Post moved away from vendor-based solutions, and built their own to increase efficiencies – in fact, their CMS service, Arc, is available for sale to other news media organizations.
          - Content is repurposed and rewritten to target other audiences – such as The Lily, which is targeted to women.

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