Breakout Session I: Best Practices in Digital Design

Mar 12, 2018, 3:15 PM
4:00 PM
Last year’s most popular panel returns as our designers turn their eyes toward specific newspaper sites and provide a tough, frank critique of the desktop and mobile efforts of leading newspapers. They’ll look at who does it best, identify pitfalls and also examine how non-newspaper competitors are solving the same problems.

Key Higlights

Seven things you didn’t know you were doing wrong

  1. Start focusing on the story page – pull quotes, avoid too much on right-hand rail, start with a photo gallery
  2. Hype up your stickiness – keep viewers on your website longer. Easy navigation, valuable, up-to-date, relatable and relevant content.
  3. The role of the home page – easy to identify latest news, live feed (auto-reload). Don’t many viewers use social media/search to find articles? Why focus on homepage? Loyal users will use homepage, especially to view latest content/news – put related content on direct article pages to keep those that haven’t visited homepage interested and coming back. 
  4. Typography – size of type is crucial, 18-20 px optimal, line height 1.5x, paragraph spacing 2x, paragraph width no more than 55-75 characters, high contrast ratios
  5. Use of space – let your content breathe, not every area needs to be covered with something
  6. Speed is beautiful – slow load times = no retention
  7. Design in-browser – keep your audience in mind, how and when they are reading and build according to that – tablets, laptops, mobile (all have different design). Being mobile-first is important.
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  • patrick-thornton

    Patrick  Thornton 

    Senior Director of User Experience and Strategy, CQ Roll Call
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  • Brad Campeau-Laurion

    Brad  Campeau-Laurion 

    Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, Alley Interactive
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  • Dustin Leed

    Dustin  Leed 

    Digital Editor, LNP/LancasterOnline
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