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Job title:
Founder, L5 Direct Consulting
Gretchen is the founder of L5 Direct Consulting, Inc., a marketing strategy consulting firm specializing in relationship marketing and CRM communications. Prior to L5 Direct, Gretchen’s experience included monetizing the email channel for Advance Digital, part of Advance Publishing. While there, she helped bring together a team across publishers and online businesses to identify new advertising product opportunities and sell these into clients. Today, Gretchen works with B2B and B2C businesses and enterprises across the world to help them communicate better with customers, clients, and prospects.  Gretchen has nearly 20 years of experience starting in traditional direct marketing channels such as telemarketing, teleservice, and direct mail, but quickly moving to digital marketing tools and channels from search engine marketing and online servicing to blogging, email, social, and mobile. Beyond her work with L5 Direct, she is highly respected in the direct marketing space and an active columnist.