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Bob Dagostino
Job title:
Quality Assurance & Commercial Print Coordinator, The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

Bob has been with The Plain Dealer for 40 years. He started in the summer 1977 just before his senior year in High School. He was in Circulation selling newspaper subscriptions door to door, helping the youth carrier forces back then.

As The Plain Dealer was getting ready to open the Tiedemann Production Facility, Bob worked with the Advertising sales staff, ad agencies and customers to prepare them for the transition from letterpress to four-color process and offset. He was on the for front of the desktop publishing movement for many years.

Over his 40-years at The Plain Dealer, Bob has worked in Circulation, Advertising Art, Advertising, I/T and Production departments.

Currently Bob is the Quality Assurance & Commercial Print Coordinator and has been part of the team to bring several daily papers production into The Plain Dealer.

Bob sits on the board of The Great Lakes/MidStates Newspaper Conference.

He has worked with High Schools and the State of Ohio, Board of Education to develop and update the curriculum of the Visual Communication Programs over the years. 

Bob is married to Gabriella; they have three grown children and two grandchildren. He is also an experienced bartender and has been behind the stick for 34-years.