Creative Revenue Generation - America East Session Recap

by Cara Neil, Communications Director | Apr 14, 2016

Gatehouse Media’s Jason Taylor presented his creative revenue generation session on the first day of America East. During his presentation, Taylor discussed 10 turnkey products that generate revenue and provided examples for each.

  1. Sticky notes digital bundle
    • Include homepage takeover on the same day the sticky note appears
    • If you can’t produce a sticky note, run an image of a sticky note in the upper right hand corner of the front page
  2. Annual calendar
    • Sell a “premium edition” of the newspaper on the first day of the year
    • Print calendar on slick paper, and include community photos
    • Sell sponsorships
  3. Puzzle Book
    • Aggregate puzzles from content providers
    • Print on news paper
    • Sell sponsorships to medical-related companies (doctors, healthcare systems, etc.)
    • Distribute printed copies in doctors’ offices
  4. Anchor Inventory
    • Identify sponsorship opportunities for various features on all pages of the paper – crossword puzzle, obituaries, sports ticker, etc.
    • Require advertiser to commit to long-term contract
  5. Multi-million dollar producers feature
    • Identify realtors who sell over $1M in real estate each year
    • Develop a seal that they can use in their ad as a badge of honor
    • Provide them with a plaque acknowledging their accomplishment – and include the seal
  6. Digital promo events
    • Create limited-time events online – “Today only,” “For this weekend,” etc.
    • Ideas include “Vote for your favorite school mascot,” “What are your top 10 restaurants,” “Who sells the best taco”… - make something out of nothing
  7. Local in-brief newscast
    • Mobile phones make newspaper journalism level playing field with broadcast
    • Produce daily local newscast of 1-3 minutes, and post to website
    • Focus content on local market
    • Post during work day
  8. Baby publication
    • Develop a high-quality, glossy baby planner that parents can write in and use as a keepsake
    • Distribute through OB/GYN offices
  9. Multi-advertiser sale
    • Approach a group of retailers in a downtown shopping district, strip mall, etc. – create promotion
    • Dog days of summer event – every retailer must offer 20% off merchandise, and newspaper offers 20% ad pricing
  10. Yearly savings planner
    • Sold only to new advertisers
    • Charge for a booklet of coupons that entitles new advertiser to items such as a full-page ad, color upgrade, smaller ad units on consecutive days, etc.

 “These ideas are so simple, they seem so obvious — but few newspapers are doing them,” Taylor said. He also added that events are also a great way to create additional revenue. Some event ideas Taylor presented are:

  • Readers’ Choice Awards
  • High School Sports Awards
  • Obstacle Course Races
  • Bridal Fair
  • Kidz Expo
  • Women’s Expo
  • Boomers Event
  • Men’s Event
  • Holiday Shopper Event
  • Spelling Bees
  • College and Campus Fairs
  • Best Mascot
  • Celebrity look-a-like
  • Baby/pet contests
  • Political debates/town halls
  • Live surgery

Overall, Taylor’s session focused on new product development and the addition of marketing events to help news media organizations increase revenue. Newspapers can leverage their strengths in market penetration, brand recognition, content creation, and loyal audience in new ways to further build customer base, engage readers, create buzz, and diversify their portfolios.

These 10 turnkey products and popular events – both in person and online – are sure to add to the bottom line.